Business Advice & Support

The Business Advisers at the Enterprise Agency are all SFEDI accredited, experienced and qualified to provide business advice and support. Whether you are considering an idea for starting your own business or growing your existing business you will find help and support to assist you to make an informed decision.

The Enterprise Agency Business Advisers can provide free business advice and support, which is partly funded through the LED & BGI Programme.

Business support services
Business start up advice and support

The Enterprise Agency’s Business Advisers will provide advice and support to enable you to turn your idea into the reality of running your own business. Your adviser will be there to help you every step of the way, so that you are confident to launch a viable and sustainable business.

Business planning

A Business Plan is the most important tool for both start ups and existing businesses and should be a working document. Our Business Advisers are able to work with you to complete and understand the process. A well researched and concise Business Plan can be the key to either success or failure.

Click here to download our editable business plan.

Market research

Researching your ideas, effectively, can be the key to ensuring that your business will be successful. The Enterprise Agency Business Advisers will help you to identify different ways to test the market and explore the best options for your business. This research will include Competition, Customers and Suppliers and how to identify your Unique Selling Point (USP).

Financial planning

Whether you are a business start up or an existing business wishing to develop it is important that you prepare financial forecasts to ensure that your plan is viable, realistic and achievable. It is also advisable to complete a Personal Survival Budget so that you are aware how much your profit should be to cover your personal expenditure. You will need to work out your pricing structure taking into account any costs relevant to the product or service. The forecasts should be calculated for at least a year to demonstrate future sustainability These forecasts should also be used to monitor and address any shortfalls which may have an adverse impact of the future of the business.

The Enterprise Agency also has access to Loan Funds and would be able to provide advice on the best option and how to apply. Through its network the Enterprise Agency keeps abreast of any Grants of financial initiatives which may be available.

Click here to download our editable cash flow spreadsheet.

Business compliance

The Business Plan includes sections on Business Compliance to ensure that you have covered all external regulations relating to your business eg Insurance, Health & Safety, Premises, Environmental and Business Law. Our Partnerships with Intermediaries and Banks provide expertise in all areas.

Mentoring support

The Enterprise Agency provides on-going support once you have started your business. The can be as little or as often as you choose and is designed to meet your needs at any given time. This support may be meetings with the Enterprise Agency Business Advisers or can be through a Specialist Adviser via our Partner Network. This will ensure that you gain maximum benefit for both you and your business.

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